I have always liked to explore. I started by riding my bike, curious to see where the road leads, just ready to discover new places.

I grew fond of photography while traveling and now I travel to photograph.

I have seen so many places far and away and experienced new cultures and great landscapes that I felt the need to share all these by images. 

My goal is to inspire people to travel, be closer to the others and spend more time in nature.

From the desire to do what I like and combine my passions for photography and travel, I have made several projects to promote tourism, combining landscape photography with event, portrait and architecture.

To be closer to my beloved places, I settled in Sibiu. A very photogenic city with surroundings that take you in a fairy tale among villages with fortified churches to the peaks of Fagaras mountains. Everywhere you will meet people who still preserve their traditions and crafts for hundreds of years.

To me photography is the best way to tell a story, to share a moment. A picture is not just a frozen image captured at a certain moment in time, it is about feelings, moods and communication between humans, bridging the gap of culture or language.

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